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Kamis, 06 Februari 2020

OPM Gets Fresh Funds from the Village Head

OPM Gets Fresh Funds from the Village Head

There are indications of misuse of village funds from the Government that are used by Kelapa Desa (Kades) in Papua to contribute to the Free Papua Movement OPM in carrying out its actions, one of which is used to buy firearms and ammunition.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw confirmed the indications that village funds were used to help the KKB. He also warned the Head of Village who was proven to be legally processed.

"We found the indications in the field so that in the future village or village heads will no longer help by using village funds," said Paulus Waterpauw in Jayapura.

The Kapolda emphasized that the village funds were allocated by the Government to accelerate economic growth for the welfare of the people in the village or village. According to him, it is not appropriate if the funds are used to help KKB whatever the reason.

If this is not heeded, his party will take firm action in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Waterpauw also did not want to elaborate further on villages that used their funds to help the KKB.

Seeing the incident, the police continued to create conditions in all regencies / cities, including conducting raids. In addition, meetings were also held involving all levels of society so that later the community would not be affected by issues deliberately spread by irresponsible groups.

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