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Minggu, 05 Januari 2020

TNI: KKB Turns Back Facts about Human Rights Violations in Papua

TNI: KKB Turns Back Facts about Human Rights Violations in Papua

Kapendam XVII / Cendrawasih Infantry Colonel Muhammad Aidi was furious because the Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KKB) distorted the facts about human rights violations committed by the TNI.

According to Aidi, the KKB's accusation against the TNI was to attract sympathetic international community. While the issue of human rights became their main weapon.

For example, he said, when the KKB accused the Army Combat Engineer (Zipur) of the Army who carried out the construction of the Trans Papua road in Yigi District, Papua. But it turns out that the KKB killed at that location were civilians who were working on building a bridge.

Then it was also said that the TNI launched a bombing and bombarded bullets in Yigi and Mbua Districts while evacuating dozens of victims of the KKAB attack. Until it was reported that two village officials were killed by a bullet but it was unclear whether civilians or part of the KKB.

"All of that is an attempt to distort the facts, create public opinion as if the TNI committed human rights violations. But what they did, slaughtering innocent people, they obscured it," said Aidi when contacted by Jawa Pos, Sunday, December 9, 2018.

He explained, the TNI had rules for attacking. TNI soldiers in the Papua region know where combatants are and not. "While they do not know that at all, do not heed it. Do not understand the rules, have never been to a school, horde, just kill people," said Aidi.

Aidi was also surprised by the number of parties who voiced that the TNI did not violate human rights in handling the KKB. All this time, the authorities have tried to control themselves even though they were attacked by armed groups.

Just like in Mbua yesterday, said Aidi, the community carried spears and stones and was made a shield by the KKB. They attacked the TNI post there.

Until finally said Aidi, one TNI soldier died. In fact, he could put up a fight by shooting at the KKB which was backed by residents. "Shooting (in the framework of) resistance is fine. But later we are considered to violate human rights," he said.

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