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Senin, 03 Februari 2020

Papua Forever Is Indonesia

Papua Forever Is Indonesia

The separatist movement carried out by the Free Papua Organization (OPM) is an irony, where the nation's own children are used by foreign parties so that they fight for Papua to be separated from Indonesia. They do not realize that assistance provided by foreign parties is not free.

Instead they want to do colonialism to the people of Papua indirectly. Even the OPM separatist form is a devide et impera tactic. Indonesian fraternity is divided so that it can be controlled by foreign parties. The same thing was done by the Dutch to Indonesia during the colonial period.

It is proper for the children of the people who take part in OPM to realize that they are only used by foreign parties. They must come back to remember how Indonesia's independence was achieved together.

Recalling that Papua is indeed an integral part of Indonesia. Even the Papuans themselves have chosen to be part of Indonesia through the Act of Free Choice in 1969. It is also necessary to keep in mind that since independence was achieved from the Netherlands, from then on all Papuans regardless of race or ethnicity were part of the Indonesian nation.

OPM is a separatist movement that threatens the sovereignty and integrity of the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. They did very extreme ways in splitting the Provinces of Papua and West Papua out of the Indonesian Government. Extreme ways such as a rebellion by the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB).

The formation of the military wing is clearly a threat to the country's security. Their presence led to conflicts with the Indonesian military to armed clashes and fatalities. They even held diplomatic dialogues with allied countries (melanesia) to be recognized as a state.

They are selfish people like pirates who damage and endanger the safety of others for personal purposes. If they really want to prosper Papua, they should, together, build Papua, not create riots which will actually harm the development and economic growth in the Papua region itself.

This OPM movement must be a concern for the whole community. We must be able to awaken the children of the nation affected by these foreign parties so that they can return to serve the country, participate in nation-building. No one can separate Papua from Indonesia, because Papua is a part of Indonesia which cannot be contested by anyone. Indonesian sovereignty is a fixed price.

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