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Senin, 06 Januari 2020

TNI-Polri Present in Papua to Maintain State Security Stability

TNI-Polri Present in Papua to Maintain State Security Stability

The presence of thousands of TNI-Polri security forces in Papua had led to the pros and cons of a number of elements of society. Even though the security forces were there to provide security after the post-violence in Jayapura last August 29.

In the view of religious leaders, Ustad Dr. Eko Siswanto who also served as FKUB Secretary of Jayapura City, the presence of security forces in Papua was the policy of the central government to maintain the stability of national security.

The presence of security forces is also to ward off the efforts of various individuals or parties who want to disrupt the situation of Papua for the benefit of individuals or groups. He also appealed to the public not to worry about the presence of officials.

"Don't be afraid when we see many TNI-Polri security forces in this city, because this is their duty and responsibility to provide security to every citizen," he said.

He also invited all Papuans to support the security apparatus in maintaining peace, after the violence, on August 29th. The entire community should also be thankful for the recovery of security in Jayapura City.

"Let us support the officials who are carrying out their duties in Papua so that they firmly maintain security and provide security for all people in the land of Papua," he said.

Eko asked the public not to be provoked by various issues that spread in various media. This is meant for the sake of creating peace and togetherness in the midst of diverse lives on Cenderawasih Earth.

"We make the difference as wealth for all of us, for capital to build Jayapura City and Papua as a peaceful land. Let us maintain this situation so that it remains safe and peaceful, take lessons from yesterday's events to build unity, "he advised.

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