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Selasa, 07 Januari 2020

TNI Fails Smuggling of Alcohol into Papua

TNI Fails Smuggling of Alcohol into Papua

There is news on social media that states, 'The highest death rate in Papua is alcohol. This is the politics of Indonesian colonialism to immediately eliminate the Orang Asli Papua (OAP). The state through the Indonesian National Police is illegally supplying it with white planes and ships'. The statement above is HOAX deliberately made by Papuan separatist groups to bring down the good name of the TNI.

The proof, illegal alcohol smuggling was successfully foiled by RI-PNG Task Force personnel Yoif MR 411 / Pandawa. Illegal alcohol bottles to be sent to Papua using this taxi account for a total of 228 bottles.

Major Inf Rizky Aditya S. Sos., M.Han, explained that the alcohol bottles will be smuggled to Papua using taxis via the Trans Papua Merauke-Boven Digoel Axis Road. Alcoholic bottles that are successfully secured are the result of routine checks conducted by personnel. The security of the alcohol bottles is not the first time, a few days earlier personnel also seized 1416 alcohol bottles that would be smuggled into Papua.

"Regarding the smuggling of alcohol, we are quite intensive and concerned in conducting the examination. The result of confiscation of alcohol has been the umpteenth time we have gotten, our concern, these drinks will be resold in the Papua region, "said Rizky.

Rizky also added that he and his members would act decisively with regard to the circulation of alcohol and other illegal activities that would enter Papua. Because the circulation of alcohol can trigger a variety of criminal acts and other crimes, it is even feared could cause casualties if consumed in excessive amounts.

"After checking it turned out that there was alcohol, which was acknowledged by the taxi driver as a safekeeping item from someone at Asiki, Boven Digoel, all of which we confiscated and secured for further processing," he said.

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