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Selasa, 14 Januari 2020

Stop Discrimination and Human Rights Violations

Stop Discrimination and Human Rights Violations

The root problems that occur in Papua are discrimination and marginalization, lack of development, human rights violations, as well as history and political parties. The complexity of the problems in Papua must be touched by the government together because of the interrelation between one issue and another.

Related to human rights issues, it does not mean only the problem of violence, but also the problem of not fulfilling the rights of basic needs, such as health. In other words, the problem of discrimination and marginalization is not only on the economic aspect, but also on social, cultural and political aspects.

The current unrest shows the government forgets that the problem of discrimination and human rights violations is an issue that must also be resolved, so that there is no longer any imbalance in the community.

These kinds of problems have occurred for a long time, especially during the Soeharto era. The militaristic approach during President Soeharto's administration must be an important record of the occurrence of these violations (discrimination and human rights violations).

As a result, Papuans have trauma and bad memories of the military approach. In the perception of Papuans, the issue of human rights violations that occur is still a barrier to improving Papua's relations with the government.

In addition, this historical issue still haunts the relations between Papua and the central government. This is reflected in the demands of the demonstrators to ask for a referendum. This situation occurs due to differences in the outlook of Papuans and the government in interpreting history in Papua. This difference in meaning can only be bridged with democratic dialogue.

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