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Rabu, 29 Januari 2020

PON XX Strengthen National Unity

PON XX Strengthen National Unity

The holding of PON XX in Papua is not just a sport competition. But the most important is also the arena where we together strengthen the fabric of brotherhood and solidarity between regions, and at the same time show the world that the Land of Papua is born of great talents in sports.

The Papua Provincial Government stressed its commitment to the successful implementation of all sports in PON XX in 2020. Deputy Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal said, all matches will be held in Papua. The implementation of all sports or XX PON 2020 will take place at Cenderawasih Earth in Papua. Not in other provinces.

During a discussion meeting on preparations for the implementation of PON XX with the President at the State Palace, Jakarta, last week, there was a discourse that East Java was ready to host 11 sports. However, his party rejected the discourse.

"I stress this discourse does not exist. PON XX will only take place in Papua Province, and not elsewhere," he said.

Klemen asserted, if later there were sports branches that had been crossed out but contested in other provinces, then that was not part of the XX PON 2020 event. He was optimistic, the implementation of PON XX in Papua was not just a national sport event. But also the event to unite all elements of the nation.

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