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Jumat, 17 Januari 2020

OPM Is Terrorist

OPM Is Terrorist

Acts that use violence or threat of violence that cause widespread terror or fear, cause many victims, and / or cause damage to vital objects, the environment, public facilities with ideological, political or security interference, are Terrorists.

Terrorist groups intend to create a sensation so that the wider community pays attention to what they stand for. the definition above clearly shows that, based on the notes and facts above, the Free Papua Movement (OPM) group is more appropriate to be called a terrorist than just an ordinary armed criminal group.

In the name of the people of Papua, this terrorist group incites and terrorizes the citizens who do not know anything. This group deliberately seeks the support of citizens to strengthen its members, because it is known that this criminal group consists of only a few people.

They do not represent the Papuan people who truly love the Republic of Indonesia. It is because of the terror and incitement of the OPM that makes people panic, confused and afraid to make choices.

The actions of the OPM terrorist group that are very troubling and disturbing the course of development must be dealt with comprehensively. If the OPM terrorist group always and continuously carry out armed actions and take refuge in extreme terrain, then the final choice is for the state to take decisive action by placing the TNI at the forefront.

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