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Minggu, 19 Januari 2020

OPM is a Prohibited Organization

OPM is a Prohibited Organization

The Papua Separatist Movement or often referred to as OPM, is an organization founded in 1965, this organization is an organization that is prohibited from its existence in Indonesia because it has a different ideology and intends to release Papua from the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

The existence of OPM in Indonesia has now begun to fade because as time goes by and many Papuans are already intelligent and are no longer easy to be fooled or cheated by the rants and illogical seduction of the OPM. But of course we don't let our guard down.

OPM is known for its acts of violence and crimes committed so far against the TNI-Polri and civil society. The actions of the OPM are very alarming and unsettling to the public because there have been many acts of anarchist and brutal indiscriminately.

Not only active in Indonesia, one of the OPM separatist figures "Benny Wenda" who is currently in the UK always makes lies about Indonesia, as if he is the most truthful and knows all about Indonesia.

Benny also vilified the Indonesian government in the UK, in Indonesia Benny also distorted the facts, acted, made false promises to the people of Papua, but now the people of Papua are tired of the promises by Wenda and believe that Wenda is just a big con who only con will make the community fooled by babble and nonsense.

The Free Papua Organization (OPM) and its followers do not deserve to be in Indonesia because it is very contrary to the law in Indonesia itself. For this reason, together we citizens of Indonesia are united and do not be easily provoked, what's wrong with living quietly and in harmony together side by side, as the world moves forward, don't even think crazy about releasing Papua from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

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