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Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

Keerom DAK Curses Hard Shooting in Kaliasin

Keerom DAK Curses Hard Shooting in Kaliasin

The Chairman of the DAK Keerom, Servo Tuamis, and the ranks strongly condemned the incident of armed contact between the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) and members of the Kaliasin Military Post, which resulted in one TNI member being killed.

"We, on behalf of the indigenous people, as the Keerom Customary Council (DAK), feel sorry for the shooting incident that resulted in a TNI member who died," he said.

Representing indigenous peoples in Keerom Regency, Servo expressed his condolences on the death of TNI members who guarded the RI-PNG boundary in the Keerom Regency.

"Once again we condemn the action, because it makes the atmosphere of Christmas and the calm new year be disturbed. This is a clear event that we indigenous people do not want violence to occur in our region, "he stressed.

Servo, requested that the case be investigated and the perpetrators be held accountable in accordance with applicable law. He invited the security forces to conduct an investigation. In addition, his party from indigenous peoples has also deployed an investigation team in accordance with available resources.

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