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Jumat, 24 Januari 2020

Immediately destroy OPM

Immediately destroy OPM

The actions of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) never seem to fade. These hard-line organizations often act cruelly and inhumanely. It is appropriate for OPM to be eliminated because it always afflicts the community.

The OPM movement is seen by many as increasingly threatening, not only intimidating, they viciously treat citizens regardless of age. From children to adults. In fact, they did not hesitate to take away the lives of their victims.

This separatist action also drew many protests, they echoed human rights, while they violated themselves by acting beyond the limits. Not just one or two reports related to the movement of this organization.

A number of cases regarding OPM are endless. Even though the dueling argument according to PEPERA that was passed recently did not dampen their steps. They continue to "undermine" the government to provide disintegration rights for the Earth of Paradise to be managed by its own citizens.

Moreover, when the infrastructure development project is underway, the workers have been threatened and do not hesitate to be hurt by this OPM or KKB. This declaration of war was also guaranteed by the TNI-Polri as the shooting incident of one of the Polri members, Brigadier Hedar.

According to reports, the perpetrators were the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) led by Goliat Tabuni. He is the Supreme Commander of the OPM. Goliath is known to be brutal and heinous, this is evident from several inhumane acts against citizens and also security forces.

He did not hesitate to bulldoze Papuans who did not support Operation Free Papua (OPM). In fact, Goliath also dared to fight members of the TNI. The latest news stated that he was in armed contact with the TNI and also the National Police.

The government is expected to focus on fighting this inhumane organization. If you need to tripe up to the roots. The government does not need to make small talk, use all power to fight the Free Papua Organization.

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