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Jumat, 10 Januari 2020

Don't be easily provoked by separatist groups

Don't be easily provoked by separatist groups

The riots between mass organizations and students from Papua that occurred in Surabaya, East Java last August turned out to have an impact on security in Papua in general. Various provocations through social media turned out to be able to hypnotize the mass of action which initially proceeded peacefully but ended with roadblocks and the DPRD's arson.

In addition to the impact of viral videos on social media, the riots that occurred are thought to be interference from armed separatist groups who are not happy with the progress of Papua. The group is worried because the central government has been trying to do infrastructure development in order to advance Eastern Indonesia.

These armed separatist groups do not want Papua to become a developed region, so they often interfere with security stability in Papua. Starting from the attack on Nduga Papua until the riots that hit a number of areas in West Papua.

The armed group felt they had their own vehicle when the riots in Papua were seen as the right moment to fly the Morning Star flag. But apparently with full awareness the community was not trapped into their scenario.

We certainly agree that violence, discrimination and racism are not the identity of Indonesian people. Resolving this problem is certainly not only by law enforcement. The spirit of unity must also be upheld for the sake of the realization of an increasingly solid NKRI, lest the issue of racism become a third party ride that wants to call for a separatist movement.

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