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Senin, 13 Januari 2020

Catch KKB Alive or Dead

Catch KKB Alive or Dead

The Armed Criminal Group (KKB) led by Egianus Kogoya must be captured alive or dead. The command was immediately pronounced by the Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw when visiting Bharatu Luki Darmadi, the victim of the KKB shooting in Nduga.

It was Bharatu Luki Darmadi, a member of the Maluku Police Mobile Brigade who was shot by the KKB on Saturday 11 January 2020 while doing community service. At that time, he was suddenly hit by bullets by the KKSB. The culprit is Egianus Kogoya, the leader of the Nduga region KKB group.

"This group is a group of young people who seize weapons, because they already have weapons, so they become bringas. If we don't want to lay down our weapons, we will continue to pursue them, the consequences will be life or death," Paulus said in Papua, Sunday, January 12, 2020.

National Police Chief Inspector General Paulus said the Egianus Kogoya shooter was currently in pursuit. Inspector General Paulus also provided support and motivation to the victims to remain strong and recover quickly and return to their activities. Paul added that the chase process was underway. He also asked the local government to assist the Police in law enforcement.

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