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Selasa, 28 Januari 2020

Benny Wenda is a coward

Benny Wenda is a coward

The man born in Papua who is now a British citizen claims to be the leader of the independent Papua movement, but is not recognized by the OPM militia in Papua. Benny is referred to as "Papuan separatist activists who have a criminal track record in Papua".

Benny is the son of the Lani in the Baliem Valley, Papua. Many say he was born on the same date as the independence date of the Republic of Indonesia, namely August 17, 30 years after the year of Indonesian independence. But on his website, Benny did not mention the date and year of his birth. He only wrote about being born in the 1970s.

He claimed to be a graduate of sociology and politics at a university in Jayapura whose truth was unknown. Long story short, on 6 June 2002, Benny was arrested and detained in Jayapura. The accusation charged was inviting a mob to attack a police station and set fire to two shops in Abepura on December 7, 2000. Benny was brought to trial on September 24, 2002.

On October 27, 2002, Benny broke into iron bars. He ran away from Abepura Penitentiary. He was rushed by his friends across to the country east of Jayapura, namely Papua New Guinea. Thanks to the help of European NGO groups, Benny was able to escape to England. Benny through the help of Australian lawyer Jennifer Robinson received protection from Britain and was granted asylum.

Benny gained British citizenship and lives in Oxford with his wife and children. In 2011, Interpol issued a red notice for Benny Wenda, meaning Benny Wenda was hunted by international officials because one of the 190 member countries wanted someone to be arrested and extradited. Interpol said the red notice was issued by the Papua Police because Benny was involved in a criminal act using weapons / explosives.

Benny will never return to Papua because he is afraid of being arrested and returned to prison for his case. If the Papuans really believe in Benny it is an absolute folly, because in truth Benny is a coward and always hides in the armpits of England. How will he fight for the people of Papua, if he does not want to fight together to become the front row with the OPM to realize an independent Papua?

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