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Kamis, 02 Januari 2020

Ahead of the New Year, Brimob Shoot with KKB in Mimika

Ahead of the New Year, Brimob Shoot with KKB in Mimika

Coinciding with the New Year's Eve on Tuesday, December 31, 2019, Mimika Resort Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner I Gusti Gede Era Adhinata confirmed that the Satgas Aman Nusa Command Post in Kampung Banti 1 which was guarded by Brimob personnel from the East Nusa Tenggara Regional Police received a gun attack allegedly carried out by Armed Group Luckily in that incident there were no victims.

"We have received information beforehand that this group will carry out terrorist shootings on the eve of the New Year. The troops have already been alerted, if there is a shooting, then the response and action against the perpetrators will be carried out as soon as possible," said Adhinata.

After the shooting incident, the Police immediately identified traces of the perpetrators and collected evidence around the scene, such as a bullet cartridge. Until now, the combined forces of the TNI and Polri who are members of the Amole Task Force, the Nusa Safe Task Force and the Nemangkawi Task Force are still carrying out security around the Tembagapura area to ensure the security and security situation in the region, especially in the PT Freeport mining area, remains conducive.

Meanwhile, Tembagapura Sector Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Hermanto said the shooting occurred just after the turn of the year, which was at 00.05 CEST, Wednesday, January 1, 2020. At that time, there were six firearms eruption. NTT Regional Police Mobile Brigade personnel who were guarding the location immediately returned fire.

The police who received the information immediately headed to Village Banti 2 using bulletproof vehicles. Then at around 1:20 CEST, another sound of gunfire in Kampung Banti 1 was heard 10 times. In this pitch black condition, there was a firefight between the NTT Regional Police Mobile Brigade personnel and an armed group suspected of being from the Kali Kopi area in the Mimika lowlands.

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