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Senin, 23 Desember 2019

The Conditions of Papua and West Papua Are Conducive Ahead of Christmas

The Conditions of Papua and West Papua Are Conducive Ahead of Christmas

To provide a sense of security and comfort to those who want to worship as well as a form of state service to the community, the TNI and Polri will continue to work together to maintain the security situation in Papua and West Papua ahead of the Christmas Day.

Ahead of the Christmas and New Year 2019 celebrations, the Kamtibmas situation in the Jayapura City Police Resort area is quite conducive. This was revealed by the Jayapura City Police Chief, AKBP Gutav R Urbias. He said, ahead of Christmas the public security and order situation (Kamtibmas) was generally conducive, but his party would continue to monitor developments in the city of Jayapura in general.

In addition to increasing patrols for the sake of comfort and maintaining the condition of Jayapura City Community and Community Service to remain conducive, there will also be a Candlelight Operation to improve services to the community as community activities will increase ahead of Christmas and New Year. The establishment of the candle post will later be filled by joint personnel from the National Police and the TNI and assisted by social organizations.

Besides maintaining security. It will also conduct routine patrols and raids to reduce the circulation of alcohol which is not equipped with a permit, while for legal sellers of Miras will be monitored in accordance with a circular from the Mayor of Jayapura.

Manokwari Regent Demas Paulus Mandacan appealed to the entire Manokwari community to maintain security and order. So that the atmosphere is conducive and can be felt by everyone, including during Christmas celebrations. He also asked the residents not to drink kerasa (alcoholic drinks), especially those stored for the end of the year. Because alcohol is often trigger things that are not desirable.

According to him, with the local regulation (perda), but there are still many alcohols being sold, and we all know that alcohol is the main trigger in various problems that occur in Manokwari. Conduciveness in Papua is not only the role of the security forces, but organizations, NGOs and all levels of society in Papua and West Papua must also be involved in efforts to maintain a safe and peaceful atmosphere.

Joko Prayitno as a member of the FKUB in the Province of Papua appreciated the work of the Indonesian National Armed Forces in securing security and security in the land of Papua. The local FKUB also requested the cooperation of all religious leaders in Papua to spread the message of peace to the congregants. Because in fact, the life of religious tolerance in Papua has improved, including in sharing community life, in creating a safe, comfortable and happy atmosphere, ahead of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

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