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Kamis, 26 Desember 2019

Separatist Groups Must Be Exterminated from the Republic of Indonesia

Separatist Groups Must Be Exterminated from the Republic of Indonesia

The security conditions in the Papua region from the past until now have been increasingly volatile and have never been resolved, coupled with the issue of separatism brought by parties with certain interests. The separatist movement of the independent Papua Organization (OPM) which has always spread terror from the past until now has increasingly made the conditions of security in Papua even more uncontrollable.

This separatist group shows its existence to the international world as if the Papua region is insecure and continues to flare up. This separatist movement from the beginning continues to be a problem for Indonesia. For separatists, independent Papua is a fixed price, but Papua is an inseparable part of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Whatever form of movement threatens the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia must be eradicated and it must not be allowed to continue to grow.

This problem is not without a solution, improving the welfare of the people of Papua is the main key in silencing the separatist movement. The reorientation of Indonesian nationalism and nationalism development is important in maintaining national integrity as an effort to dim the separatist movement.

Whatever the demands, Papua is an inseparable part of the Homeland. so that if there are movements from a group of people who lead to separate themselves from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, it must be dealt with decisively. The security forces and the community must have an attitude in combating this separatist movement.

Therefore, all parties must jointly guard government programs in building the land of Papua for the better, as good citizens we should not go along to complicate the situation in the land of Papua, we should realize our brothers and sisters who have been affected by this separatist movement. Whatever happens, Papua still belongs to Indonesia, and NKRI has fixed prices.

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