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Selasa, 17 Desember 2019

Separatism Movement Triggers Nation's Disintegration.

Separatism Movement Triggers Nation's Disintegration.

The general condition of a separatist movement is the belief that an area will be better off in economic, social and legal terms if it is separated from its mother country. The separatism movement is a movement that aims to gain sovereignty and separate a region or group of people from one another. However, according to the big Indonesian dictionary, separatism is an understanding that takes advantage of the division in a group (nation). Furthermore, the idea of ​​separatism movement triggers the disintegration of the nation.

In Indonesia, the issue of separatism is still a security issue that threatens the sovereignty of the State, the territorial integrity of the Republic of Indonesia and the safety of the whole nation. The separatist movement in Indonesia tends to be motivated by ethnic and other identity groups, which still wish to separate themselves from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, to form a State or self-government for cultural, religious or linguistic reasons, which are accumulated very complexly triggered by politics, economics, and social culture.

One of the separatist movements in Indonesia that still exists is the Free Papua Movement (OPM) Separatism Movement. Throughout the history of the separatist movement in Indonesia, the issue or conflict regarding the Free Papua Organization (OPM) is the biggest conflict that has ever been faced by Indonesia. In its development, the Papua Separatist Group also declared forming its own country under the name West Papua. Initially, the OPM group waged a traditional guerrilla war against the Indonesian Government.

However, entering 2000, the Papua Separatist Group began to use non-violent or non-violent efforts such as dialogue, campaigns, one of which was through the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) led by Benny Wenda, as well as spreading propaganda issues about contradicting the condition of Papua through the role of technology such as online media.

The separatist movement in Papua seems to be fooling the Papuan people who basically have no desire to separate themselves and remain united with the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Discriminatory issues against the Papuan people who are trying to be built by separatist groups seem to be broken by various government priority programs carried out on earth of paradise ranging from Special Autonomy to development priorities.

The people of Papua and all the people of Indonesia are aware of and have a commitment that being in the Republic of Indonesia's territory is an appropriate and final political decision. Therefore, separatism is a direct threat to the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia and the idea of ​​separatism has triggered the disintegration of the nation.

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