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Rabu, 04 Desember 2019

Nicolaas Secret Meeting With John F Kennedy

Nicolaas Secret Meeting With John F Kennedy

The former founder of Operation Free Papua (OPM) who is also the creator of the Morning Star flag, Nicholas Jouwe had a secret meeting with John F. Kennedy. Nicolaas Jouwe, who since the 1960s struggled to liberate West Papua from Indonesia, then turned in favor of Merah Putih.

As he tells in his book, 'Return to Indonesia: Steps, Thoughts, and Desires', he wrote after he changed his attitude from what had previously supported Free Papua to supporting the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). He even canceled his vow to no longer set foot in Papua that has been controlled by Indonesia, by kissing the Earth Cenderawasih on March 22, 2009.

When he was 85 years old in 2017 he died. The book, which contained a secret confession with JF Kennedy, was published first in 2013. The book discussed a very confidential meeting, because that year Nicolaas was still an Advisor and Member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and was believed to be 100% running the politics of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dutch Negotiations -Indonesia. If only at that time someone knew he was meeting Kennedy, then the risk was labeled a traitor by the Dutch.

"Secretly I came to talk to Kennedy," Nicolaas said.

Nicolaas was educated by the Dutch. He is one of a handful of Papuan educated elites who emerged in the mid-20th Century. But the education he received did not teach about his own land, but the land of the educator. President Kennedy said that it was Dutch colonial politics. The Netherlands deliberately alienates Papuans from themselves, divorcing Papuans from their own land to protect Papua from those who want to explore the wealth of the island.

"President Kennedy said that it was Dutch colonial politics," he continued.

The Netherlands also made propaganda that contained the image that Papua was a dangerous island, filled with many dangerous diseases such as malaria. Anyone who comes to Papua will surely die. As a result, it is relatively rare for ordinary people to visit Papua.

"He knew why the Dutch did that. The Dutch knew very well that Papua was an island that was very rich in gold, silver and copper. The Netherlands did not want people from outside entering it," Nicolaas said.

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