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Rabu, 18 Desember 2019

Kostrad Warriors Hold Posyandu in Keerom Regency, Papua

Kostrad Warriors Hold Posyandu in Keerom Regency, Papua

In collaboration with the Ubrub Puskesmas, Keerom Regency, Papua, Yonif Raider 509 Divif 2 Kostrad soldiers who are members of the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Border Security Task Force (Satgas Pamtas) Indonesia-Papua New Guinea patiently and painstakingly serve young mothers who check the health of their toddlers in Posyandu.

This routine activity was led directly by Danpos (Commander of the Post) Ubrub First Lieutenant Inf. Abdul Katrup and supported by medical staff from Puskesmas Ubrub including Dr. Kurnia as a doctor assigned to the Ubrub Health Center.

The activity was a form of the Task Force's concern for the community at the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border, especially infants under five years old (Toddler) and pregnant women, which included weighing toddlers, family planning, BCG polio and DPT immunization, CTPS counseling (hand washing with soap), prevention of diarrhea and supplementary feeding for malnourished children.

"This activity is very important to be carried out in order to maintain health for pregnant women and children, so that their nutritional and nutritional intake is also guaranteed to strengthen the immune system for infants from virus and bacterial attacks. This is so that toddlers stay healthy, while for pregnant women to maintain the health of the fetus in the womb and physical and psychological health, "said Abdul Katrup.

He added, the Task Force soldiers were present in the midst of the community in addition to carrying out the main task of maintaining the integrity of the territory of Indonesia, also had a moral responsibility to maintain the next generation of the nation so that they would grow normally and develop healthily.

The people of Kampung Umuaf, are very enthusiastic about this monthly posyandu activity, coupled with health counseling by the health team from Pos Ubrub.

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