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Selasa, 24 Desember 2019

Kapuspen TNI: OPM Kills 13 TNI Members Is HOAX

Kapuspen TNI: OPM Kills 13 TNI Members Is HOAX

Responding to the statement of the leader of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) Gusby Waker who claimed it had succeeded in killing 13 TNI soldiers in a 12-hour firefight in Utigapa, the Indonesian Army Chief of Staff Major General Sisriadi said, it was all false, it was propaganda made by OPM.

He said that it was impossible for the TNI institution to cover up information that had come in, because the TNI was not a wild organization like the KKB. The TNI is a large organization that is managed with an integrated modern management system. This statement is incorrect and is considered propaganda by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB).

"Individual TNI personnel data are recorded in an orderly manner. Data changes are made periodically, so that the TNI leadership can know the condition of each soldier who is up to date," Sisriadi said, Sunday, December 22, 2019.

On that occasion, Sisriadi also explained, every TNI leader at all levels could not possibly hide the data of his soldiers who had died. This is good in the dormitory, in the hospital, especially the soldiers who died on the battlefield. In contrast to the KKB in Papua, it is possible to hide data.

"As for the KKB, it is very possible to hide data about their members. As we all know, they are wild organizations that do not have membership data, their origins and family are unclear," he said.

He actually believes that the OPM has done that. The OPM may conceal the identity of the member killed in contact with the Law Enforcement Task Force. However, KKB maneuvers have always accused the Law Enforcement Task Force of slaughtering the people if any of their members were killed in armed clashes. Opinion is what they always repeat.

"It is certain that Gusby Waker's statement about TNI victims by the KKB is false news and is a form of propaganda. If there are media that publish the lie without confirmation to the TNI institution, the journalism professionalism is questionable," he said

The real fact is that dozens of OPM members killed in firefighting contact with the Law Enforcement Task Force could not be reported because they could not be identified, and certainly not registered for membership in an obscure organization such as the OPM.

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