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Minggu, 15 Desember 2019

Get a Scholarship to Russia and Want to 'Build a School' in the Village

Get a Scholarship to Russia and Want to 'Build a School' in the Village

Onesimus Aluwa, a young man from the hinterland of Yahukimo, Papua, has a great desire to build a school in his home village, he is now pursuing master studies through a scholarship to Russia to make it happen.

Ones has traveled about 11,000 kilometers, from remote areas in Yahukimo Regency to Moscow. This 25-year-old young man came from Yalmabi, a village in remote Yahukimo Regency, which was taken on foot for one day.

Armed with a scholarship, he continued his master's education in pedagogy at the largest teacher printing campus in Russia, Moscow State Pedagogical University. He said, Their method of teaching was different. Relax, not too pressured like in Indonesia, even though he admitted the material for now is still difficult.

"The teacher teaches all in Russian, I don't know many words," Ones said.

The family is encouraging to continue their studies. The development of education in the area is scary for Ones. He said, in Russia is very different from where he originally lived, in Moscow there are more than 400 libraries, free Internet and WiFi is also smooth.

The graduate of the Christian Teaching and Education College (STKIP), Wamena, is helped to fill the vacancy of a teacher in a foundation school in Yahukimo Regency after graduating as a graduate.

"The status of PNS or honorarium status is also not yet. Just help," he explained.

Ones listed himself as the second person in his village Yalmabi who took the opportunity to continue his education until his master's degree. Last September, he was declared to have passed the scholarship selection to Russia after going through the selection process since 2018.

"People in the village are very enthusiastic. Kind of too proud, I see," he said.

This year, the number of scholarship recipients from Papua increased sharply, compared to the previous years which were only one or two people. Papuan students who first arrived in Russia in 2014 were Ebius Kogoya who completed his master's degree at Cherepovets State University and John Gobai who also completed his master's degree in Physics at Peter The Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

Another one who graduated this year, Agustinus Yahya Tenouye, from his Masters in Public Policy at the National Research University, Higher School of Economics.

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