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Kamis, 19 Desember 2019

FOR PAPUA Must Be Able to Make Papua Safe and Peaceful

FOR PAPUA Must Be Able to Make Papua Safe and Peaceful

The Papua FOR PAPUA Communication and Aspirations Forum, which contains members of the Indonesian Parliament and the DPD RI of the Electoral District of Papua and West Papua, will strengthen the position of the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly as the National Home. As representatives of the people directly elected by the people of Papua, the members of the council have a strong position to build a bridge of dialogue with various elements of Papuan society.

Considering the complexity of the problems faced by Papua, the way for dialogue is the main key so that the various problems can be decomposed and sought solutions according to the aspirations of the people of Papua.

The Chair of the Indonesian MPR, Bambang Soesatyo (Bamsoet), encouraged the Papua Communication and Aspirations Forum (FOR PAPUA) which today officially received the Decree for the formation of the MPR RI, could move quickly to become part of the solution to realize a Papua that is safe, peaceful and harmonious. This is in line with the spirit of the 5th precepts of Pancasila in realizing Social Justice for All Indonesian People.

The Head of the FKPPI State Defense Agency asserted that the Papua region in addition to storing a variety of natural resources also saves harmony of life that can be used as an example for other regions. Religious Harmony Index (KUB) released by the Ministry of Religion on December 11, 2019.

West Papua Province ranks first as the most tolerant region in Indonesia, with a score of 82.1. While Papua Province ranks 6th with a score of 79.0, is under NTT (2nd place, score 81.1), Bali (3rd place, score 80.1), North Sulawesi (4th place , score 79.4), and Maluku (ranked 5th, score 79.4).

"This proves, basically, that Papuans are peaceful and deliberate people. Tolerance, tolerance and respect for others have become part of their daily lives. If there are various tensions now, the biggest possible cause is due to the lack of communication. effective from the stakeholders to the people of Papua. That's where FOR PAPUA has an important role, "Bamsoet said.

The Deputy Chairperson of the Pancasila Youth explained that, in addition to Papua, the MPR RI would also form the Aceh Communication and Aspirations Forum. As the two poles of the end of Indonesia, Aceh and Papua, as well as other regions in Indonesia, must be maintained peacefully.

"Aceh's peace must not be disturbed by any problem. It is enough that the Acehnese people wallow in a long-standing solution of the conflict since decades ago. The peace that has been born must be appreciated by filling it through various development agendas. So that the Acehnese people can be more prosperous born and inner," said Bamsoet.

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