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Senin, 16 Desember 2019

Elementary Students Learn First Aid From Kostrad Soldiers

Elementary Students Learn First Aid From Kostrad Soldiers

These students get lessons and training on First Aid in Accidents (P3K) when filling their free time before the school holiday period, Infantry Mechanical Raider 411 Divif 2 Kostrad.

Infantry Battalion Raider 411 Divif 2 Kostrad who was in charge of guarding the border, and joined in the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Border Security Task Force, enthusiastically and patiently taught theory and practice about P3K.

"First aid kit is the first action that must be given to victims who have an accident. First aid kit is to provide emergency care to victims, before complete help from doctors or other health workers," said Major Inf. Rizky Aditya.

This activity aims to educate the students of YPK Toray Elementary School to gain knowledge, and understand how P3K acts. The material provided included handling a broken leg or hand and being bitten by a snake.

"It is hoped that the P3K counseling activities given to these students will not only be an introduction but also a science, which hopefully can be useful. The students are very enthusiastic in following the material taught," he said.

In this activity students are invited to identify actions that must be taken to victims of accidents, before being handled by the medical team. Principal of YPK Toray Elementary School, Sarce Retraubun, said that he was very pleased with the activities carried out by the 411 Divif 2 Kostrad Mechanical Raider soldiers, because it provided students with an understanding of P3K.

"Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen of the TNI from Pos Toray, for their care to our students through this useful education," he said.

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