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Jumat, 27 Desember 2019

Affirmation of OPM as a rebel group

Affirmation of OPM as a rebel group

Since its inception, which began on July 26, 1965, led by Sergeant Major Permanes Ferry Awom (Former Member of the Papua / Papuan Volunteer Battalion Vrijwillegers Corps / PVK) created by the Netherlands, the OPM has often carried out militant actions carried out as part of a rebellion attempt aimed at separating himself from the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, until in the end caused many casualties both from civilians and military.

OPM even tries to propagate the international community to support the free West Papua movement in various ways, such as one of the OPM representatives, Benny Wenda, who always voices the issue of human rights violations in the land of Papua.

The Free Papua Organization (OPM) is given a name from the Government of Indonesia, because OPM is an armed separatist movement that threatens the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia. In a legal perspective, the OPM movement can be associated as an act of treason from a group that is fighting against legitimate government (fighting against the legitimate government).

If the rebels are not immediately extinguished and they occupy and control a large enough area and have their own government, then in the international legal literature the rebel can be recognized as Belligerent.

There are several requirements that must be fulfilled so that a rebel can be called a Belligerent including, 1) Organized under one leadership authority, 2) Has identification and uniform that clearly shows their identity, 3) Defacto effectively controls several areas, 4) Get support from the people in the occupied territories.

Seeing these criteria, it further strengthens that OPM as a rebellion movement against a legitimate and sovereign government, This kind of thing certainly threatens Indonesia's sovereignty.

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